Imagine a scorching summer day after a competitive kickball game, and all you and your family want is to cool down in your car. However, when you turn on the AC, instead of the refreshing chill, it blows hot air. How could this happen? There are several possible reasons, but the three most common culprits are a refrigerant leak, a worn-out compressor, or issues with the electrical system.

A refrigerant leak occurs when your AC system is no longer sealed properly, causing the refrigerant to evaporate into gas. To resolve this, the system needs to be recharged to restore the pressure level and allow it to function correctly.

The compressor is the powerhouse of the air conditioning system, transforming refrigerant from gas to liquid to extract heat from your car’s cabin. Like any other car part, the compressor can wear out over time. To extend its life, run the AC for at least 10 minutes monthly and schedule periodic AC diagnostic checks.

The AC system, with its complex network of wires, fuses, and pressure switches, is challenging to diagnose. Any malfunction in this intricate maze can lead to a shutdown for safety reasons.

While there may be other potential causes for your AC blowing hot air, these are the most common issues faced by car owners. If you suspect a problem, bring your car into Sexton Tire Pros, and let our experienced auto repair technicians do a thorough diagnosis. Your passengers will appreciate the effort to bring back the cool comfort of your vehicle.